Rice Bread

24/02/2013 in Gluten Free

Gluten free bread is genuinely an acquired taste no matter what flour is used.  When I went on my quest looking for gluten free bread, I was honestly shocked at the prices and have therefore decided to make my own.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the larger retail stores and health shops have made it much easier to prepare gluten free foods and bakes at home as the relevant ingredients are now readily available.

Click here to get the recipe

4 responses to Rice Bread

  1. we are certainly on the same wave length with gluten-free this morning!! Looks so yummee, pass the butter please!

  2. Hi there, your rice bread looks so yum. I will have to try it! I have recently tried my hand at rice flour (am also trying to cut out wheat) and made savoury muffins that turned out not too bad. It does take some getting use baking with alternative flours such as buckwheat as texture is very different but loving almond flour at the moment! Have a good week :)

  3. Looks interesting Inge. Certainly not something I would have thought to try but I will give it a bash soon :) xx

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