Stuffing Gem Squash!

9 February 2011 in Uncategorized

Gem Squash


It’s wonderful that Himself enjoys growing vegetables but I do wish he’d organise it so I don’t get gluts of the same veggies. We are currently wading through what seems like an endless amount of gems. Now I like gem squash, recently I’ve served them with butter & fresh parmesan and of course, with the ubiquitous creamed corn and cheddar cheese.


In an effort to ring the changes I did the following and they were rather good.


Cooked gem squash halved

Feta cheese



Slices of tomato

Fresh breadcrumbs

Grated cheese



Filling the gems


In the bottom of each cooked gem, place some crumbled feta cheese, then top with some fried onions and mushrooms.

Then cut your tomato slice to make it easier to eat, I cut mine into 6 triangles and placed it on top of the gem,

Mix fresh breadcrumbs, grated cheese and seasoning and put on the top of the gems


Put in the oven @ 180 until the top is nice and golden


Stuffed Gem Squash




PS – The little black bits are not dirt it’s some extra black pepper that I ground on the top.


PPS – Sorry about the font sizes, I can’t correct it :(





32 responses to Stuffing Gem Squash!

  1. I saw a recipe the other day where they added bacon and mushrooms to the usual sweetcorn and cheddar squash thing. Look so good! I love the way you cut the tomatoes into smaller pieces!

  2. It was really tasty, got butternuts coming next……

  3. We love butternut. I love to roast them with potato wedges and carrot sticks. Drizzled with infused olive oil and Verlaque splash!

  4. i rushed over because I saw the word “stuffed” **dirty grin** but was doubley please at what I read. mmmmmmmmmmmmm Gems love them

  5. I do much the same, we also love butternut, in fact I like all squashes.

  6. Eish blankey……your mind! :)

  7. Love gem squashes, SC. The stuffed ones look too divinely delicious. You have some very good ideas. Thanks for sharing. xx

  8. looks good. but where is the CINNAMON????????

  9. It’s a pleasure ad, no doubt butternut will be featuring as well.

  10. *swigs another valium down with some Zesty*

  11. These look wonderful, what a good idea!!

  12. You and your cinnamon, sidey. ;->

  13. Oh goody. Be sure to tell me how long they take to bake. I never seem to get it just right. xx

  14. Thanks Zabwan, it made a change.

  15. Pierce the seed end of the butternut with a knife and then pop it in the microwave for 10 minutes on high. Cut in half etc. and then add whatever you are stuffing them with and then bake in the oven.

  16. These look wonderful! It’s so nice to see a savoury gem squash instead of the usual ‘sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon’ that most people seem to enjoy. *shudders and takes a hefty swig of her Jack’s to wash out her taste buds*

  17. I love gem squashes.. and these are looking wonderful!!

  18. The ladies of our household do stuffed gems a lot – but your version looks wonderful! Very cunning to cut the tomato ring and reassemble!

  19. Sugar and cinnamon? Eeeuuuwww.

  20. You are a gem to give us these recipes.

  21. Something for me to try tonight. The fish was yummy (kids didn’t enjoy it too much, but hubby and I ate their left overs)

  22. who would think you would put dirt on your veggies? Another veg Dave would rather leave than eat :( Have a great day :)

  23. Nice idea!
    I love gem squash – eaten mostly with a pinch of salt and butter! I’ve had versions of chunky cottage cheese mixed in – also not too bad. But keep away the creamed corn!

  24. PPPS this is a really nice idea :)

  25. I MISS gemsquash. Can’t get hte damned things here. I esp like the baby ones with just a bit of salt and maybe butter where you can eat the skin, seeds, everything except the stem!
    (Ps they are also quite good stuffed with mince and cheese!)

  26. This is lovely, must try.
    Also do mostly sweetcorn and cheese stuffing. Lol.
    Maybe you can give some advice on my last post, please?

  27. LOL at Blankie :)

  28. I always have to “disguise” gemsquash for AK. This is a refreshing change as I’m cheesed off with the sweetcorn & cheese monotony.
    Thanks for this.
    And if butterut is coming next – lots of butternut soup. Schlerp hmmmmmmm yummy.

  29. You two! LOL

  30. I love gems!!
    Usually eat mine with butro and sugar and mybe a sprinkle of cinnamon..

  31. I love gems!!
    Usually eat mine with butro and sugar and mybe a sprinkle of cinnamon..

  32. Interesting this is. I always had it with suger and Rama,will also introduce these to my sister. My niece and nephew are very picky when it comes to veggies, this should work ;-)

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