Crayfish on the braai in Cape Town

21 February 2011 in Uncategorized

Cape Town was wonderful, the indaba was so much fun and our hosts were marvelous. I will write more about it all later in the week, I am exhausted and my liver is knackered!

Crayfish on the braai

These crays were basted with a simple garlic butter sauce, then it was 10 minutes with the shell-side down, turn and cook for another 2 minutes. They were beautifully done, succulent and my mouth is watering as I type.

I wonder if you can guess who our hostess was?

Spot the food blogger!

This photo by C. Taylor

This photo by C. Taylor



I also won a fantastic prize, I’m on a roll, *note to self – buy lotto ticket*

30 responses to Crayfish on the braai in Cape Town

  1. My mouth is watering too!

  2. *throws little tantrum* How can you frustrate me so? Crayfish are amogst my favourite vetetables, but I simply can’t afford them! Those look delish.

  3. Damn they were good!

  4. Our host caught them himself, and cooked them brilliantly.

  5. mmmmm yum yum, glug glug giggle giggle

    i can just imagine it

  6. fortunately i can take or leave them, prefer sole anyday

  7. Mel, you would have loved them.

  8. I also love sole, but gimme a cray anyday!

  9. Errmm.. ok.. if you like crayfish :)
    I know you were at Tandy – am I cheating? :) Glad you had such a good time Sue and MAZEL TOV on winning the Le Crueset casserole. Ai… a heart shaped pot? Now I’ve heard everything. You def. have to take some Lotto tickets!!!

  10. Hello Sue, fellow Martizburg gal.
    Was lovely to meet you on Sunday. I can tell you, you’re going to love that prize- I’ve been for one this year(may add blog to 24) and am putting pennies together to go again.
    And the crayfish look amazing!

  11. There is always a bed for you!

  12. I can’t remember when last I had crayfish. Shall have to change that.
    Glad you had a fantastic time, and congrats on winning the prize.

  13. Everywhere I go I see these damn crayfish…cruelty to dumb animals!!

  14. haha – I’d recognise those plates anywhere!!! And theres only one person on the blogs that is the CrayFish Queen!!! :)
    Im sending you money – please go gamble on my behalf – just need a couple of million or even a billion ;)

  15. As usual, I can’t see the pics, so I can just imagine what the crayfish looks like.
    Have a good one!

  16. lovely! seems like a lot of fun was had by all! :-)

  17. Oh YUM! Sounds so easy too. I’ve never braaied crayfish, but I do love it so. You’ve inspired me.

  18. *stomach growls as she sobs quietly*

  19. ugh! don’t know when last I had crayfish on the coals! Glad you had a blast in CT Sue..wish I could’ve been there!

  20. This is Maddad. Madmom refuses to comment on your post due to an extreme fit of jealousy.
    She had a little wobbly over the crayfish and the fun she says ‘that lot’ had in CT.
    Oh, and also over ‘another’ prize ‘that woman wot drinks out of vases’ won again.

  21. btw – Off topic – do you know any local crafters who might be able to do some teaching in Dozy Dale in Batty’s good cause?

  22. Greetings
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  23. Y U M M Y !!!!!

  24. Thems is Tandy’s plates thems is!! I am so green with envy that i make Shrek look a pale shade of green!!!!!! YUMM YUMMM YUMMMMM XXX crays just the way they should be served – garlic butter and braai’d xxxx

  25. i am SULKING I was promised crays in KZN when I was last home and they never happened and you had buckets of htem it seems

  26. Ah – you got here too!

  27. I’ve bought my lotto, hold thumbs Dinx!

  28. It was very nice to meet you too, if you are ever up this way we should meet up for coffee or a drink.

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