Easy Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream

23 February 2011 in Uncategorized

I think I’ve just about caught up on work and sleep since my trip to Cape Town. I have to say that the quality of the speakers at the Indaba was excellent and I picked up some good tips in the photography and styling workshop in the afternoon.

 Monkey Valley, venue for the Food Bloggers Indaba

 Photography/styling workshop - photo by Nina Timm

I was fortunate enough to win the much coveted prize of a weekend at African Relish in the Karoo, so that means another trip to Cape Town is on the cards *happy face* Ishay has written a blog about her fabulous experience there, the course that I will be attending is called Food Bloggers do the Karoo. Please go and look at their website, collection and return to Cape Town is included in the price…. so who’s going to join me?

Browniegirl did such a good job with all the arrangements and the goodie bag we all received was full of awesomeness!

Some of the items in the goodie bag

One of the many  things in the goodie bag was this book by Bakers Biscuits.

There are some interesting recipes and this easy-peasy ice cream caught my eye.


Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream


1 pkt Bakers mint romany creams

1 litre chocolate ice cream softened

2 x 49g slabs of peppermint crisp

45 ml peppermint Liqueur (optional)

Mint leaves

Chop the romany creams into small pieces, sprinkle with liqueur (if using)

Fold the biscuit into the ice cream and return to the freezer.

(I opted to break up one of the peppermint crisps and mixed that in as well)

To serve, spoon balls of ice cream and sprinkle with coarsely chopped peppermint crisp and garnish with mint leaves.

Serves 6

Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream

 PS The chocolate wafer was an After Eight Dinner Mint.

58 responses to Easy Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream

  1. and what part of hte icecream do you actually MAKE? aren’t you just augmenting to it? (you have to expect a bit of sarcasm from me. peppermint green with jealousy at all sue chef’s luck!)

  2. Fab easy dish – I’ve made a similar one.
    Love your prize!!! Congrats!!!!! Thrilled for you.
    And the goodie bag is divine!!
    Enjoy rest of week :)

  3. You are just all bitter & twisted cos you can’t get the ingredients in mud island! I have been very lucky, bought a lotto ticket in case it runs in 3’s.

  4. The goodie bag was fantastic, Colleen did a wonderful job. I can’t wait to go to African Relish.

  5. awesome awesome…. that you won! really an amazing spin-off….went to look… Prince Albert wow! Geeez… when you going? ( hmmmmm….. pondering and wondering)

    love the choc icecream thingy- easy ke-peasy…which means perfect!

  6. how easy peasy was that! Which weekend will you be here again?

  7. I love the easy recipes you give us SC. It helps for people like me who are no good in the kitchen. Do you have a recipe book by any chance?

  8. Okay. Here’s the deal. Your real dort looked at their website AND facebook page and started dribbling. Don’t ya think you need to spend some quality time with her – besides you owe me for looking after Himself this last weekend.
    She says she will keep your vase charged.
    Tee hee.

  9. I am so thrilled! they plan 3 courses, 1 in June, 1 in Oct & 1 in Jan 2012. I’m thinking of October. Come with!

  10. I am thinking of doing the course in October, the one in June is too close to me going overseas.

  11. I also like easy recipes, sadly no cookbook I’m afraid.

  12. I would love to take her, and I most certainly will if I win the lotto! :)

  13. no thanks, i don’t believe peppermint and chocolate go together

  14. Course they do :)

  15. Ooooh I beg to differ….its one of my fave combinations…together with chocolate and orange and chocolate and chilli :) xx

  16. How fantastic is this?? Here you are already making things out of your recipe book. I have yet to finish my paperwork post Indaba before I can even DARE to open the cover of mine :) Thanx so much for this fabulous post Sous xx

  17. Not yet, anyway. Watch this space. ;->

  18. That Bakers book has some interesting recipes, there is another one I am keen to try. Colleen you did a marvelous job, btw Sally really enjoyed herself and she’s not a blogger, it just shows that it was all very interesting & fun! Well done you.

  19. You’ve got to be the luckiest person I know, Sue. Sounds like you had the most awesome time. The icecream looks very easy, but I’m not really into icecream. I won’t show it to hubby. ;->

  20. I have had a good run lately :) I’m not particularly fond of ice cream either, but I will have a little if it has texture like this one.

  21. Not very likely me thinks ad.

  22. Are you turning into a part time Capie resident?

  23. Love your photos….you dont need a new camera after all that you’ve learnt. Lighting is so good on the bottles.

  24. I love feedback like this. Thank you so much Sue…and thrilled that Sally enjoyed it. xx

  25. Excellent post, Sue!! It was a wonderful day and I can feel it again via this wonderful explanatory post of yours!! Love the recipe – I haven’t even touched the book, yet! Hugs!

  26. I was going to try this … probably still will! I love that book!!!! *hauls out crystal ball* I see myself making MANY reicpes from the goodies in that bag and have already copied the Indaba link LOL

  27. Now, I just knew you’d walk away with on of the prizes! The indaba looks and sounds wonderful, thanks for the pics.

    As things worked out, it’s a good thing I didn’t go with you :(

  28. How are you doing, Zabwan? You are constantly in my thoughts!

  29. I love peppermint and chocolate- good on you for delving into the books we got already! I’m thinking I may just join you – congrats again fellow Townie ;)

  30. You certainly are a lucky duck hey!

  31. ooohhh Please tell me where you got the After eights?? Can never seam to find them and absolutely Luuurrvveee them.. Thanks

  32. It does seem that way hey?!

  33. Me too! Hope I get to cook some when I go on the course.

  34. Aw thanks Arty, my Mom says she is going to buy me a new camera when I go to the UK.

  35. It was a supa day! There are some really nice recipes in that book.

  36. Himself gaveit the tumbs up, he loved the texture of the biscuits.

  37. So sorry about your Mom Zabwan, but at least she is free from pain and at rest.

  38. Thanks Ishay, I like easy recipes like this one.

  39. I have been very fortunate lately, oh that reminds me, must check my lotto ticket.

  40. I got these at Checkers Flee, they are the best!

  41. Thanks so much Sue… will try mine up here.. No offense to your stunning ice-cream… but give me a box of A8’s and Ill be happy

  42. I’m not much of an ice cream fan myself, I’d rather have the After Eights as well.

  43. I always find mine at Clicks. Have never not found any there!

  44. I’m doing okay, thank you, JustChef, better now that the funeral is over. xx

  45. Thank you, Sue, I am relieved that it’s all over for my dear mom.

    We must have lunch some time, so I can hear first-hand all about the Indaba :)

  46. I’m always up for lunch, just let me know when it’s good for you.

  47. Yummy minty icecream!
    Im avoiding commenting about the FBI… makes me sad! ;)

  48. I can hardly type i am shaking soooo much – loooobe nope – LOooove this. I am a pepermintcrispaholic …….. THA’TS IT .. see i cant type … my diet is OVERRRR….. (jan slams front door as she dashes to the sweetie shop!)

  49. No, Sue, you and hubs and Himself would probably have a ball if you listened to music you three have more common interest in.

    Hugs from the Capies.

  50. Hey, Sue!!!
    Does indeed!
    We keep away from your drulicious recipes, because both of us fatties are desperate to loose weight.

  51. That is utterly, utterly decadent – and expensive!

  52. Congratulations on winning the prize… have you bought your lotto ticket yet? You seem to be on a winning streak.
    Love your serving dish.

  53. I did buy a lotto and I didn’t win, looks like my lucky streak has come to an end.

  54. It is so worth it! I’m not an ice cream fan and I really liked this.

  55. Lol Jan, when you are not on diet you must try this, it’s great.

  56. You are probably right :)

  57. Shame Sharon, it was a great day and I’m so glad I went.

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