Easy Pesto Potato Bake

12 September 2011 in Uncategorized

The only reason Himself knows where the kitchen is located is because that’s where the beers are kept! He is totally & utterly useless when it comes to general cooking but he does have some other attributes……. the man stacks a good dishwasher and he does a mean braai! :)

We are not fond of huge amounts of meat, our accompaniments are equally important to us, and as per usual this potato bake came about because of what I had in my fridge.

2 largish potatoes

1 onion sliced

125ml fresh cream

75ml milk

½ a jar of Pesto Princess rocket & walnut pesto, obviously you can use any pesto.

Grated cheese


Heat oven to 180 degrees and grease a lidded ovenproof dish (or just use Spray and Cook like I did)

Par boil the potatoes (skin on) until a sharp knife goes through with just a little resistance.

Fry the onion gently for 5 minutes or so until it softens.

Chop the potatoes into cubes, arrange with the onions in the dish.

Arrange potato and onion in dish

Mix the cream, milk and pesto, pour over the potatoes and onion.

Cover with pesto mix

Top with grated cheese, just in case you are wondering why mine is lumpy, whenever I see cheese on special I buy it, grate it and freeze it, works a treat.

Top with cheese

Bake covered for 30 minutes, remove lid and bake until the top goes golden and crunchy, about 10 minutes. A tasty potato dish that will accompany most things.

Pesto Potato Bake

Disclaimer: I was not paid, or remunerated in any way to promote Pesto Princess, it’s just a great product.

59 responses to Easy Pesto Potato Bake

  1. I thought one had to use insecticide to keep pestos out of potatoes? To which she replied, stop being a pest, ou!

  2. Hope all well that side and am going to give this a try when G gets back Christmas time. Take care

  3. Hi there Col, hope you are having a great time over in Blighty.

  4. Hi Craig, nice to see you, please give G my regards.

  5. This looks delicious, Sue, and easy to put together. Will def try this. Enjoy the week.

  6. Morning Mitzi, it made a nice change to the usual potato bake I do.

  7. Looks delicious and easy !

  8. Hi
    Where can I get that brand of pesto?

  9. We love potato bakes. Will definitely give this one a try.

  10. Love potatoe bakes…yumo

  11. This looks so great, definitely got to try this one:-)

  12. It was lovely, we enjoyed it.

  13. I get mine at Pick n Pay Bettysue, thanks for visiting.

  14. We are having what was leftover with crumbed chicken tonight.

  15. Hope you try it deblet.

  16. Hi RJ, let me know what you think.

  17. Dah-licious! I love pesto – yoh :-)

  18. I agree, it is a great product :)

  19. That looks delish – anything potatoe and you have me hooked! Love it!!

  20. Oh my, that last picture has made me very hungry indeed. Thanks for another great recipe, SC. xxx

  21. Yummy! And so easy. I imagine you can throw just about anything in the basic recipe for variation. Maybe some fried chorizo or bacon or feta or pepperdews.

  22. wow looks yumoliscious

  23. Heavens, that looks delish – and easy too!!

  24. This looks so good

  25. Drop dead gorgeous!

  26. Oh lordie lordie lordie – da frog is drooling!

  27. This sounds heavenly – I’m definitely going to give this a try!!

  28. OK, so I started my new blog … how come it doesn’t show as a new blog/post on Food24? *roll of eyes*

  29. I have no idea why it’s not showing on new blogs or latest posts?????

  30. I just left a query with the editor – but perhaps something else will work …

  31. OK, that worked! *grin*

  32. This sounds wonderful!!

  33. Yes but your first post should have shown up. Maybe copy & paste to a new post and delete the first post?

  34. *shines halo* I also did a pumpkin and feta salad on Tuesday! I do all these veggie dishes and you just ignore them *sob*

  35. Thanks, me too.

  36. Personally I don’t think you can beat a potato bake cooked with a tub of cream and brown onion soup!

  37. Thanks – that seems to have done the trick! :)

  38. I’m still a huge fan of that recipe of yours!!!

  39. Thank you Dottie.

  40. Are, indeed. Gets in the way of blogging a lot, though!

  41. YUM! Anything with spuds gets me every time :) And I love pesto….am imagining this with the red pepper pesto :) xx

  42. Yum yum I am really enjoying this blog of yours.

  43. Thanks Nina, you are very kind.

  44. I suspect it’s right up your street usha :)

  45. I like easy townie, you know me!

  46. Hi there Roelz, thanks for dropping by.

  47. Absolutely, anything that takes your fancy.

  48. My pleasure, have you tried the Princess pesto? it’s really good.

  49. Funnily enough I’m not a huge potato fan but I enjoyed this.

  50. Without a doubt, so glad we got some in our goodie bag at FBI.

  51. I haven’t tried that one but it sounds good, any flavour would work really.

  52. Thanks Flower, I hope you try some of the recipes.

  53. I love the new header on the bog…did I tell you? And the pics…I can see you’re enjoying your new camera. Baked taters in one bowl? yes please…p.s also can’t get enough to the ole princess :)

  54. I also like easy – maybe it’s a Maritzburg thing, we’re too laid back to make tricky stuff all the time :)

  55. Red Pepper was my favourite as well .. we would buy 1kg tubs from Kathleen at a time :)
    I am wondering if I should make a turn past their factory in Capricorn Park ….

  56. ps
    this is going to be the starch to our braai this evening ..
    thanks Sue :)

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