January – In My Kitchen…..

8 January 2012 in In My Kitchen

In my kitchen is this perfect foodie present that I received from my Secret Santa,  the Secret Santa initiative was organised by Tandy over at Lavender & lime. My gift was carefully wrapped in the white cloth and I am delighted with my goodies, thanks so much to my mystery fellow blogger who lives in Stellenbosch…..*wonders who it is?*

Next up is something I’ve blogged about before, every year when I go over to England I lug home at least 3 large bottles, last time my case was so heavy the wheels wouldn’t turn properly!  Imagine my delight  when I saw Pick n Pay stocking it, at R21.99 for a 150g bottle it is more expensive than our local equivalents but it’s much nicer and as you can see I’m stockpiling.

The final thing I want to tell you about is Himself’s new Biltong* Maker that he got for Christmas. OK, technically it’s not mine, but it is in my kitchen so therefore it qualifies :) Our first batch is drying as I type. It’s better than TV I tells ya, we all stop and stare through the glass window watching progress of the meat……..watch this space.

To view other blogger’s ‘In my Kitchen’ posts please visit Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial who started this monthly theme.

*Biltong is similiar to Beef Jerky and is a national favourite here in South Africa.



39 responses to January – In My Kitchen…..

  1. All the very best for 2012, hope you had a wonderful festive season. Love your post and will most certainly try the chili sauce. Thanks once again

    • Hi there, the same sentiments to you and your family. I was first introduced to Linghams when I lived in Singapore and we love it, do try it.

  2. I’m very curious about the Linghams now, will certainly be on the lookout for it. Love the biltong maker, sure is better than TV! :)

  3. Sue, thanks for playing, lovely to see what’s in your kitchen this month! :) I love the Falk’s black salt, and use it on my loaves of bread. And I’ll have to look out for the Lingham’s sauce – I haven’t tried it before, but it definitely sounds like the sort of thing I’d like!

    • I shall definitely use the black salt next time I make bread, thanks for the tip. Lingham’s is the bomb!

  4. I love your biltong maker!
    My brother and I made beef jerky many years ago, drying it in an oven and then the food dehydrator. It was so good, but seemed like a lot of work.(Just slicing the steak up so thin seemed like a lot of work at that time.)
    But I’ve never had better jerky.
    Thanks for the look into your kitchen!

  5. Battling with comments again

  6. Will definately keep my eyes open for Linghams

  7. Want to hear alllll about that awesome biltong maker!

    • I will bring you a bottle when we get together, will let you know when I am next in Durbs. Himself is loving his pressie, suddenly he is very into spices and meat cuts! :)

  8. my dad made a dryer when we were children, a simple screened box with a stand and ‘arms’ to hang the biltong on in strips. we loved it

  9. those gifts are awesome! I will look out for the sauce Sue :)

  10. Once again, your post has inspired me to ‘think about’ posting on this theme – seeing as I haven’t posted since late December, it’s time I got my A into G again anyway!!

  11. Hey, fellow-townie! Hope you’re surviving the heat here in the hollow. Thanks for sharing what’s in your kitchen this month… I keep thinking about doing a ‘what’s in my camp-kitchen’ ;) see you around sometime… :)

  12. That black salt looks amazing – would love to try it.

  13. Oh, man… a biltong maker! Amazing.

  14. Morning and happy new Year.
    Mustn’t show Wayne the chilly sauce…he is an addict!.
    Sure Himself will have fun with the biltong maker

  15. That biltong maker looks like a real asset!

  16. The first batch was brilliant, mind you we did use rump, going to try a cheaper cut next.

  17. Love your blog!

  18. Awesome post! I will keep an on eye on your blog.

  19. Hi Sue, it’s santa! ;)

    I wrote a message on the inside of the box, you must have missed it. Hope you enjoy the salt and the tomatoes! I always have a jar of Pronto Mama in my fridge :)


    • Oh Jessica I am so sorry I missed it! Thank you so much for an awesome pressie, I will be using both in up-coming posts. xxx

  20. At long last….have finally found your post!!!!

    • Hi there, I have been reading your posts (via email) I thought it would be easier to find people now that I’m on WP but it’s not the case!

  21. Wait!!!!
    Don’t think this is your WP blog…sigh

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