Easy Homemade Jam, Make It In Your Bread Maker!

25 January 2012 in Easy to prepare, Jams & Preserves

I’m not big on making jam, all that bubbling, stirring and testing the setting point on saucers….pass! Then my friend Karlene (she of the fabulous Crayfish Bisque) told me she makes jam in her bread maker. Well as soon as I got home from holiday I checked my bread maker and it didn’t have a ‘jam’ setting so I was a bit bummed about that.

The next weekend saw me in Westville having a sleep-over with my dudes and I noticed that my daughter-in-law’s bread maker had a jam setting, and she very kindly lent it to me. I wonder if she’ll notice if I try to palm my inferior model on her when I take it back?

What a breeze! All ya do is chop up your fruit, toss it into the bread maker with the other ingredients, press a button and the machine does all the work, how easy is that?

You need to get hold of some pectin, I got mine from the local health shop.

I first made the grape jam and then, as I had some yellow plums and a mango I combined them, the result was really good.

You will need:

3 cups of diced fruit of your choice

1 cup of sugar

1 tsp lemon juice

1 TBSP water

2 tsp Pectin

Put all the ingredients into the bread maker, follow the manufacturers instructions and 120 minutes later you have homemade jam!

Do let the jam cool before you remove the pan from the machine and it’s best to take the paddle out with tongs.

Pour your jam into sterilized jars – just wash jars in the dishwasher or wash thoroughly by hand and rinse well, then put the still wet jars up-side-down in the microwave on high for one minute.

Mango & Yellow Plum on the left, Grape Jam on the right

I have to say that the mango and yellow plum jam achieved a better setting consistency than the grape, but they both taste wonderful, infinitely superior to the mass produced muck we buy in the supermarkets.

Simple food, homemade jam with cheese

There are some wonderful seasonal fruits available at this time of year, so dust off your bread maker and give it go!




28 responses to Easy Homemade Jam, Make It In Your Bread Maker!

  1. Damn don’t have a bread maker(would not be good for waist line)
    Will just ahve to boil and bubble away on stove again.
    Jam looks delicious….need a scratch and sniff pad on my screen

  2. I wonder if a jam maker would make bread?
    Not that I’d know a bread maker if it jumped up and bit me in the whatever!
    I love the way your link now takes me to a ‘Page Not Found’ – but headed up with a link to your home page!

  3. I cannot wait now to try :)

  4. now i need a bread maker-i would have had one long ago if only it could have also made roti

  5. You can make naan bread with a bread maker, I wonder if you can make roti?

  6. wow – I read this post a few hours too late. I did all the bubbling, stirring and setting this afternoon. Am now wondering if my bread machine has a jam setting. Life would be so much easier if it does!

  7. Wonderful pics, SC. I don’t have a bread maker though, so will continue to buy my jam in jars. ;)

    • You could do it the old fashioned way AD :) There is something about making jam that makes you feel all virtuous…..that doesn’t happen to often with me!

  8. what a great idea, a bread-and-jam maker ;-)

    i agree, shop jam is dreadful stuff, full of sawdust, chemicals and heaven knows what.

    i tend to get anything in that line from home-made places, and now and then can get whisky marmalade froma friend, and that is just the very best

  9. My breadmaker does not have a jam setting but I regularly make jam on the stove.
    A suggestion for your grape jam – I use katoba grapes (dark blue grapes) and press it through a sieve to make a grape jelly – tastes just like smuckers grape jelly!

    • Thanks for the tip Glynn, I shall make another batch of grape jam and try that, grapes are in season here at the moment.

  10. In my days of being a virtuous farmer’s wife (no chirps on the virtuous bit, thank you), I made jam & marmalade & still go into a cold sweat at the memory! If only I’d had a closer look at my bread maker (which I left behind to fatten up the ex), it would’ve made life so much easier!

  11. Bread Maker! wow that’s just fantastic hey Sue … awesome idea xxx jan

  12. Good Morning , may I Please know the Name of this Breadmaker ? as I am an Diabetic and would love to make my own Daibetic Jam , as Diabetic foods are sooooooooooo expensive … Many Thanks , Sb

  13. i have a morphy richards bread maker and made some great strawberry jam in it ,i also made kumquat orange marmalade so easy and no mess in the bread maker.

  14. I have a Panasonic read Maker SD-2501 that has a Jam setting but was hesitant to try Jam making as I thought it would be difficult to clean the bread pan afterwards!! I can’t find pectin suppliers on the Internet, does anyone know a supplier? I got a packer of JamSetta while on a visit to Australia (you can buy them in any supermarket in Oz) so I’ll try that for the time being.
    Thanks a lot for the website.

  15. Hi Brian, I got my pectin at a health shop, hope your jam turns out well.

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