Make Homemade Yoghurt….in a Slow Cooker!

6 February 2012 in Easy to prepare

Ja I know, first I make jam in a bread maker and now I’m using my slow cooker to make yoghurt! Trust me, it works, and it is very economical. It all came about because I was looking for the instruction manual for my coffee maker and came across the one for my slow cooker, in it was a recipe for making yoghurt so I tried it, TWICE and it didn’t work, thanks a bunch Tedelex!

So then I HAD to find another way, I started searching the web and and found this recipe on various sites.

1 litre full cream milk

1/2 cup plain yoghurt (with live cultures, check the tub)

1/4 cup powdered milk.

Make sure your slow cooker is very clean, I had some Milton so I gave mine a quick sterilize.

Heat the slow cooker for 15 mins on high.

Pour in the milk, and let the milk heat until almost boiling.

Turn the cooker off, and let it cool down until you can stick your (clean) finger in it for more than five seconds.

Add the yoghurt and the powdered milk, stir, put the lid back on and wrap the whole slow cooker in a couple of towels and leave overnight or for a minimum of 8 hours.

Sieve the yoghurt into a container and refrigerate, it will keep for a week.

At this point you can take 125mls and freeze it ready for your next batch.

I have been stewing seasonal fruit to go with the yoghurt using the Natreen Diet Liquid sweetner once again, absolutely delicious.  Add some muesli with the fruit and the yoghurt for a healthy breakfast.

Homemade yogurt with stewed plums and stewed peaches

Homemade Yogurt with Stewed Plums and Peaches



21 responses to Make Homemade Yoghurt….in a Slow Cooker!

  1. What an awesome idea. You have all these fancy gadgets that you are getting seriously inventive with hehe….I shall have to try this as I am going through so much plain yoghurt at the moment. Beautiful photos by the way! xx

    • It works out very economical, especially as I bought a whole load of milk at R4.99 a litre and froze it. Thanks for the compliment on the pics, I WILL get the hang of this new lens!

  2. Hi Sous, this is an amazing idea, i wish i knew about all this about 5-6 years ago, then i would not have donated my bread machine, slow cooker and etc. Now i feel like going out and buying a slow cooker.
    Your pics are amazingly beautiful, i do wish that i can learn to take better pics

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like the post, there are loads of sites out there to pick up tips, google food bloggers photography and you will find all manner of people sharing info.

  3. This is fantastic Sue – Just loving all this gadgetry .. time to make something in your dish washer now! I love stewed fruit with yoghurt. Have a fabulous evening xxxx jan

  4. Wow! This is brilliant. Yogurt is becoming ridulously expensive and this sounds like a great idea. Since the mother-in-law is always passing on all her 1980’s gadgets, maybe I can throw a hint for a slow cooker since she doesn’t use it anymore ;o)

  5. Oh wow…..more ‘gadgets’ to buy.
    Sounds so easy and really love yogurt for breakie

  6. I have a 4 hour, 8 hour kenwood slow cooker, would it work in there!!

  7. I do not own a slow cooker but am curious to know whether this would work using a regular cooking pot? You mention that you turn the slow cooker off and wrap it in a few towels. If I wrapped the pot in a few towels and let it stand for 8 hours, or overnight, surely the result would be the same. I am very keen to try this yoghurt recipe as we go through loads of yoghurt at home. Many thanks,

  8. yum! That is so clever :)

  9. :) .. hmmm .. the yoghurt looks nice and thick ! (which is a good thing by the way :))
    NOW …..
    I have a slow cooker AND a yoghurt maker .. which I am ashamed to admit I don’t use as much as I should.
    Would you like to try out the actual yoghurt maker to see if it works as well ??

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