In My Kitchen – February

9 February 2012 in In My Kitchen

In my kitchen…..

Is the sweetest fresh baby tomatoes from our garden,  I collect some each day and we’ve been enjoying them with our peppery homegrown rocket in some lovely salads.

Here are my much used, very battered, trusty Le Creuset pans, purchased over 30 years ago together with 2 oval casseroles.  I recall Himself going pale when he realized how much I’d spent, “they will last a lifetime” I countered, and they are still in daily use.

I found this advert in an old Fair Lady cookery supplement that I have from the eighties…..go grab some tissues fellow foodies, this is gonna make you sob!  Shall we all fill in the form and send it off? :)

Also in my kitchen is this very special tray that was a present from my son and daughter-in-law for Christmas, I love it! My little dudes are the most handsome lads on the planet and if I’d known how much fun grandchildren would be, I would have had them first :)

Lastly, and by no means least, I had a lovely surprise the other day when a parcel arrived out-of-the-blue. It contained  proper crab crackers (is that what they are called?) and the goodies to get all the bits out of the claws. I made crab curry a while back and mentioned that one of the best crab curries I’d eaten was at a renowned Indian restaurant, but they didn’t have the correct utensils and I ended up cracking them open with Himself’s Leatherman!

Hence this lovely present from Tandy, thank you so much, I will think of you the next time I happily have crab curry dripping down my chin!

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24 responses to In My Kitchen – February

  1. What a wonderful IMK post, Sue! Thank you for playing! Those LC pieces have reall stood the test of time! And what a gorgeous tray – your little men are absolutely adorable!!

    Tandy is such a sweetheart, isn’t she? :)

    • I enjoy doing these posts and reading what other people have in their kitchens. My LC pans owe me nothing, worth every cent! Thank you for dutifully admiring my dudes and yes, Tandy has a good heart.

  2. Why have our salaries not kept up with Le Creseut’s inflation rate? And only 4c for insured post?? The 80’s weren’t THAT long ago (or am I just revealing my age by thinking this?)!!
    Although I’ve told my sons they’re not allowed to even think about breeding until they’re at least 30, you’ve got me re-thinking this maternal decree! I’ve met your dudes and they’re even cuter than their pics!

    • Good point Blondie! if only we could buy them at those prices. Thanks, I think my dudes are the cutest guys and I don’t care about bias! :)

  3. Oooooooooooh I am definitely in tears at those prices on that list. YIKES! Just goes to show. And I absolutely covet that tray. It is stunning. My tomatoes are finished. Jay ate every one straight from the bush as they ripened…we never managed to get one hehehe…Have a great weekend xx

  4. I love your tray! What a wonderful way to see your special pictures!
    I look at old book prices and wish I could timetravel! That pricelist makes me feel the same way.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. The dudes are adorable Sue :)

  6. Luv your tray – how special is that – such a clever idea. Your grandsons look so adorable. Wish I had your skill in the garden – gorgeous looks tomatoes.

  7. Oh my Sue those kids are just so adorable-the joys of being grandparents.

  8. Oh, I do SO battle to get in here.
    Those tools really look mean. Well, that is, they mean to do what they do.
    The kiddipix look great.

    • I know, hopefully they are ironing out the bugs and then you guys will be over here as well, hope it’s going to be easier to find each other.

  9. Aha, found you again at last. ;) Those grandkids are almost as cute as mine. Love the tray idea. I could do with one of those, as I don’t see mine nearly as often as you see yours. What a useful gift from Tandy! She sounds like a real honey. Those Le Creuset prices are unbelievable, as is the sales tax and the postage. How times have changed and not for the better. xxx

  10. My ever loving hubby Pete has been offering to buy me some LC pots and pans and I have been putting him off because of the prices! Great IMK post, AWESOME tray!
    :-) Mandy
    PS. Anyway I can subscribe via email and not RSS feed to receive your updates – I am a bit dof with these things…

    • Hi there Mandy, Food24 are working on giving us subscription facilities, I will let you know when they are up and running. LC pans are a great investment, but one thing I am finding harder as I get older is the weight of them. Thanks so much for visiting.

  11. The tray with the Spa Dudes and family is so special.
    That price list is to die for….time machine please!
    Thanks for sharing the February list.

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