Easiest crumbed lamb chops ever!

26 February 2012 in Easy to prepare

Before I get into what has to be one of the easiest lamb chop recipe (another one from my Mum) I want to have a menopausal moan, cos I can,  it’s my blog and I am at the age where I demand value for our hard-earned money.

I purchased these chops at my favourite butcher, can anyone spot the odd one out?

When I purchase 4 lamb loin chops that’s exactly what I want, not 3 and a great pretender, who was lurking under the advertising on the left hand side of the packaging.  I shall be taking it up with them, and more of us need to do this.  I am hoping that the new Eatery/Deli that they have recently opened is not the reason for this unaccustomed short changing.

Anyway, let’s get back to the easy recipe shall we? *smiles brightly and takes a little slurp*


4 lamb chops

40g fresh white breadcrumbs

(To make fresh breadcrumbs, tear pieces of bread and pop into your blender & buzz, otherwise hand grate them)

2 TBSP mint jelly



Preheat your oven to 190c

Season your chops generously both sides with salt and pepper

Place on a baking grid

Mix the mint jelly & the breadcrumbs in a bowl

Lightly coat the chops with some oil to help the crumb to stick

Spread the mixture onto the chops using a knife or just your (clean) hands

Pop them into the fridge for 15-20 minutes to firm

Bake for 20-30 minutes depending on how you like your lamb.

I served these very simply with baked potatoes and a green salad, they were delicious and the crust elevates the chops to another level. The black stuff you see on the spuds is natural black sea salt flakes that I received from my Secret Santa, very flavoursome they are too!

 Obviously this would also work with pork, substitute apple jelly instead of the mint.


22 responses to Easiest crumbed lamb chops ever!

  1. That crust looks really easy and sounds (& looks) absolutely delish!
    I also get the grumbles when I don’t get what I paid for … things are expensive enough these days!

    • It has to be one of the easiest recipes and it makes the chops look so posh! I was annoyed about that chop, I don’t enjoy being ripped off.

  2. Looks very easy.
    Pity lamb chops are so pricey and 4 would not go far in our house.

  3. Oh la laa – what an incredible recipe! Beautifully presented with the salad and spud too.
    Oh, I would also be a touch irritable at the non loin chop.
    :-) Mandy xo
    PS. Tried to re-subscribe quickly and it says: “That email address is already subscribed” but alas I never received a notification of this awesome post.

    • I am sorry you are having a problem with the subscribe facility, I subscribed to myself just to make sure it worked and it did. I shall report this to the Food24 team.

  4. I too would have a moan! I hope they refund / replace with gratitude :)

  5. I STILL can’t subscribe to your blog!! I click on the ‘Subscribe’ link at the top of your page & immediately get the message ‘this page cannot be found’! Is anyone else having this problem, or am I just having a really bad blonde moment here???

  6. I don’t know what else to suggest, logging out worked for me as I was able to subscribe to your blog.

  7. Love lemjops! One can understand packaging in a supermarket, but why do it at a butchery? Unless to disguise impersonators!

  8. Your blog has a gremlin. Now that I can get in, if I try to subscribe I get a ‘Page not found’.
    With Blondie, it demanded I log in after pushing the ‘Subscribe’ button, but then I found an option had been opened for being notified about posts, just above the ‘comment’ block.
    Why doens’t yours work like that, I wonder. And also, it still continues to give the ‘Page not found’ more often than not when I click on your link.

    • So sorry Col, they are doing their best to sort it out, I will let you know when it done.

      • They emailed me, and I sent details. Now they say that it was the wrong address, and that they have added me to your subscibers from that side. It may not help, though – as I have now pointed out to them, though your AVATAR link is correctly


        on food 24 blogs, it transforms to


        when you comment on Letterdash blogs! Weird.

        • I see they have added you, clearly there are some problems that need to be resolved. I must say they are doing their best and they do address our complaints. Hopefully by the time you guys get here all will be well.

  9. Looks so scrumptious, SC. Is the pretender the one on the right? I love lamb chops but they are also very expensive over here. Great photos! xxx

  10. I have been following your blog for a while now and have only now found the subscribe button *hides face in shame*. The thing that I love most about your budget recipes is that fact that THEY ARE ACTUAL BUDGET RECIPES unlike some you find under the same heading on news24 (They want you to spend money on frivolities such as cream, I mean really).

    My girlfriend lives very far away and while she is very adept in the kitchen it takes me many tries to get a recipe right (I have only just perfected my scrambled eggs on toast). When I found your quick and easy rice meatballs and your tasty chicken I was hooked and have been checking your blog every week since to see if you had any more recipes for me to try. If you do have any other hints pleeeeaassseee post them. Thanks again!

    • Hi David, the subscribe facility is a fairly recent introduction by Food24 so no hanging your head! :) I’m so pleased you have tried some of my recipes and that you have liked them, it’s so nice to have some feedback. As the cost of food spirals we all need budget recipes, I shall endeavour to do some more. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it.

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