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7 March 2012 in In My Kitchen

In my kitchen……

…is my homemade version of HP Sauce, a condiment of which Himself is immensely fond, sadly I wasn’t able post the recipe because we had to wait four weeks before testing it and yes, you guessed it, I lost the piece of paper with the recipe and my tweaks thereof!!

In my kitchen…..

…are my Chinese bowls, these were a 21st birthday present *mumble* years ago!

In my kitchen……

is this little teapot for one, it has Hotel Rendezvous engraved on the bottom, *whispers* I suspect Himself stole it! He insists that the hotel gave it to him as a keepsake, it was the place he first stayed in Boksburg when he arrived in South Africa from England way back in 1973.

In my kitchen…..

…is my beautiful Carrol Boyes cake stand, I won it in a competition together with stylish cake forks and cake server. I think it is too lovely to put away in a cupboard, so it doubles as a fruit stand while it waits patiently for me to bake a cake.

Finally In my kitchen……

…is my invention, in order to maximise the space in the biltong maker when drying mango I cable-tied three metal racks together, it works a treat.

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28 responses to In My Kitchen – March

  1. You are a clever sous chef! Be-yoo-tiful cake stand ;-) and love the mango dryer! x

  2. Love the cake stand.
    Carrol Boyes is a firm favourite of mine,have loads of her utensils

    • Sadly the stand doesn’t see too many cakes, I’m a big fan of Carrol Boyes I love her designs.

  3. Thanks for playing, Sue! What a gorgeous cake stand! And how frustrating to lose the recipe – I’m sure you’ll figure it out again.. :)

  4. Hi Celia, it was frustrating, I’m hoping it will surface at some point.

  5. Hi Sue
    That cake stand is absolutely beautiful – no wonder you don’t want to put it away. The tiered rack is also a great idea. I love these ‘In My Kitchen’ posts as people have so many good ideas.

    • Hi Glenda, thanks for visiting. I also enjoy seeing what everyone has in their kitchen…..does that make us nosey?! :)

  6. I remember those bowls. We had them in my parents house when my 46 year old sister turned 21. I’m super impressed with the HP sauce you made. How lucky are you to have that gorgeous cake stand. I am green with envy! This was a lovely post ;o)

    • Ja the bowls are quite old, I am very fortunate to have my stand I know, pity I don’t make more cakes.

  7. very clever racks Sue :)

  8. Cakes are over rated- you need to eat them quickly- and after half is gone, well- it loses it’s appeal! The stand however is gorgeous and I like the fruit on it!
    I lose recipes like that all the time. And when I finally. find them, have to puzzle out what they are for since I rarely write that part down.
    At least you have a good supply until you NEED more! :)
    Thanks for the peek into your kitchen- maybe we are nosy- but I would rather consider my self curious and interested!

    • Glad I’m not the only one who loses recipes, I really must get a book. Yes, curious and interested sounds so much nicer than nosey! :)

  9. Ah, I’ve managed to find you again. ;) Love the cake stand. I’m missing my CB back home. Ingenious method for drying mangos. What a clever fish you are. xxx

    • If you look on the right hand side you will see a new subscriber box. CB is a bit heavy to put in your suitcase hey?!

  10. Like Himself, I’m a huge HP fan – best you unearth that recipe!!
    btw – if I offer to update your will, I could inherit your cake stand in lieu of payment! *hopeful grin*

  11. Oh, your cake stand is so divine… I am looking to replace the antique one I had, which shattered suddenly last year. Love all the treasures in your kitchen!

  12. Thank you, sorry about your antique stand, I have a lovely old glass one that was my mother-in-wars.

  13. No pressure on finding that recipe, but…
    I love your Chinese bowls – I was thinking of incorporating my set into a post sometime too – great minds I tell you!
    Those teapots are the best! I have a couple too – mine are a little taller though.
    Love the cake/fruit stand – awesome gift! Priced some of her goodies this week while visiting with the folks – eina, but her things have got expensive!
    Now, you are a genius with those drying racks – kudos, you clever girl.
    Still don’t think my subscriptions thingy is working for your blog – no matter.
    Have a super weekend.
    :-) Mandy

  14. Fabulous kitchen :)

  15. Oh Sue please find that HP sauce recipe….I am such a fan too! Love all the pics…always so nice to see what others have in their kitchens. I remember you winning that beautiful cake stand. Love your drying racks. I also love dried mango. Looking forward to a time when I can eat it again. xx

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