In My Kitchen – April

1 April 2012 in In My Kitchen

Celia from the blog Fig Jam and Lime Cordial hosts a monthly initiative whereby bloggers from all over the world show & tell what’s in their kitchens.

In my kitchen…..

…are loads of spices that I won.

They came in this package which was hand delivered to me by the general manager of Chisa Faya himself.

Being a local Kwa Zulu Natal company they support the Sharks (our provincial rugby team) and asked their Facebook followers to send in photos of their rugby supporter gear.

I posted this photo of Himself and I taken some years ago.

We had been invited by one of our suppliers Kyocera to the launch of a new photocopier range in Johannesburg at a place called The Castle. The invite said to wear black and white and be inventive, so being avid Sharks supporters we duly dressed in our black and white. Upon arrival at the castle severe doubts began to form when we entered the very posh venue and saw a lady playing the harp and people milling around in evening wear. We looked at each other in abject horror and were about to do a runner when the MD spotted us. At the time Canon Copiers were the sponsors for the Sharks, I had sewn Kyocera signage over all the Canon bits on Himself’s jersey which the big cheese from Japan thought was hilarious “lugby velly good” and he insisted we join him on his table for the evening! Was our humiliation going to get any worse?….. oh yes!

As we were in Blue Bull rugby territory we stoically  took a great deal of teasing the whole evening and then we were paraded in front of the entire venue and given the prize for the best dressed! I did feel better when I saw some bird had made her dress out of newspaper and another chap came as a dalmation!

Thanks Chisa Faya for the great spices, I’m already hooked on the Chilli Chisa Mat.

In my kitchen…….

…is this fabulous Pineapple Chilli which is absolutely wonderful on top of any cheese, particularly goats cheese served on rocket.

In my kitchen…..

…is my favourite mug which a friend bought back from Scotland for me, it always makes me smile!


28 responses to In My Kitchen – April

  1. LOL @ the mug!! Lovely spices! I love your dress-up pic. Enjoy the rest of the sunday, Sue.

  2. Love the mug! Everything’s beautiful in your kitchen. Wish you lived closer :-)

  3. Oh Sue the mug is gorgeous, & congrats on the WIN. Look forward to reading your posts about how you are going to use those spices. I really wish i could meet some of our fellow bloggers, maybe when you in Joburg–let me know & you can come and have a cup of chai and some samoosas.

  4. Thanks Usha, it would be good to meet you too….just don’t forget the samoosas! :)

  5. Sue, what a fabulous story! You deserve a prize for the photo! The spices look great – what flavours are in the Chisa Mat other than chilli? And like everyone else, I love the mug too! Thanks for playing this month, it’s always a treat to see what’s in your kitchen! :)

    • Thanks Celia, the other flavours are garlic, onion, cayenne pepper & paprika. I think the mug stole the show! :)

  6. What a great win!
    And a wonderful picture and story- those outfits were winners for you more than once!
    And the mug- smiling would be eclipsed by long bouts of laughter!
    And it certainly does answer the question-“What do they wear under those kilts?”

    • Thanks Heidi, yes those outfits certainly paid off! I have it on good authority that they really don’t wear anything underneath.

  7. Such a fun and interesting post! Love the mug, love the story. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. You have a lucky streak winning streak, Sue – lovely gifts – even better pic of you and himself – had a good laugh at the mug – will be my favourite too. Enjoy your week.

  9. Love the mug.
    Can just imagine your faces when you arrived at the black and white event.
    Well done on winning all those tasty soices and goodies.

    • At first I was mortified but people were chirping us and it was all very good natured banter, it turned out to be a fun evening.

  10. I can tell you that Pete would have done one better and would have gone bare foot! All your fretting for nothing as you won the best dressed prize – awesome!
    How cool that you got all them spices – have fun using them all.
    So…what’s on the other side of that mug?
    :-) Mandy

  11. Hahaha – I’ve been waiting for someone to ask about the other side of the mug…..sorry to disappoint but it’s the same pic, great if you’re a lefty! :)

  12. Yeehaa! Found you again.

  13. what a fantastic prize to have won!

  14. I toooo love the mug

  15. Teehhheeee (naughty little giggle)…that mug is great!
    And what a prize to win – I’d take that over a meat tray any day!

  16. Fabulous prizes you’re always winning, Sue. ;) I love your rugby outfits and handbag. You deserved to win. I can just imagine how you felt when you arrived though. ;) I still don’t seem to be subscribed. just found this on Fb. I’ll try again. ;(

    • I got that sinking feeling big time! :) I can see you on my subscriber list, please let me know if you have come right, otherwise I will email Food24.

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