Green Fingers?

8 November 2012 in Vegetarian

Whenever I am in England I buy cress, it’s lovely in sarmies & salads and has a distinct peppery taste.  I’ve never understood why it’s not available here and we will completely gloss-over how the seeds found their way to our shores!

Back in 2011 I sowed some of the seeds with very poor results, my surname might be Green but clearly the fingers aren’t! I put the remaining seeds in a drawer and forgot about them until last week. This time I used a seedling-mix soil, made sure it was very damp and scattered the seeds on top. I used small spay bottle to water them and left them on the kitchen windowsill.

The next morning you could see little growths which was encouraging and I made sure I keep them well watered.

Day 3.

Day 4 was even more exciting! Obviously having deep and meaningful conversations with the cress worked.

Day 5

Day 6

Yes, I did bring a tin of Spam back for Himself, and he enjoyed it too. I thought it would be fun to grow my cress in the tin. Pity we chowed it all, I’m sure the addition of some cress would have lifted the Spam to new culinary heights! :)

In the meantime here is a classic British sandwich, egg & cress, watch out Alan Titchmarsh…..

26 responses to Green Fingers?

  1. Can now live up to your surname – the cress look great in the spam tin – am envious – I also luv cress.

  2. What a fantastic post – now i know what i want to do this weekend! Thanks

  3. Fantastic post, Sue! Gimme more, gimme more! xxx

  4. Great, Sue!!! I wonder whether the seeds are available in SA?

  5. Aweeeeeeesome! I think you lived up to your name very nicely Mrs Green – LOVE the Spam tin!!!! *rummages in seed box for her cress seeds! I am dreaming about a marmite and cress sandwich now ….. beautiful post SueSue xxx

    • Roger said they wouldn’t take cos of being so old, but he was wrong nanananana! I thought the Spam tin would amuse some people! :)

  6. Love your post Sue, i sometimes get cress at my local greengrocer, but while reading your post i realized i had bought some “Garden Cress” seeds to plant & it did not work when i planted it but will most certainly try your method. I got a packet of KIRCHHOFFS Garden Cress seeds from my local nursery. I am hoping garden cress and cress are one and the same.

    • That is so interesting Usha, I have never seen fresh cress here and I am very intrigued to find out if your seeds are in fact cress seeds. Hurry up and grow them! :)

  7. They do say it is so easy to grow…I wanted to leave Basil on my windowsill for the winter but I left it too late..

  8. I buy Cress seeds from my local nursery.
    Never been lucky, will try this method. Thanks

  9. I have never grown cress, which is daft, as I’ll often drive a long way just to buy them! Great idea, thanks Sue! (although I don’t have a Spam tin, might need to find something else to grow them in :))

  10. Oooh that looks awesome. I believe I found a supplier of seeds in SA sue, check here

  11. Wow! That was quick – I wish the goodies in my garden would grow that quickly!!!

  12. I love the tin you used! I will have to look for some cress next time we are overseas :)

  13. What a great idea…so who’s going to import and market in RSA then?

  14. I adore cress sandwiches! The only type of cress I have ever seen in this country is watercress. LOVE your planting tin haha!! I am sure the cress would have given the spam a great lift :) My first lot also didn’t germinate but I think the secret is in keeping them wet. I believe that watercress also grows in or close to water…..I am definitely going to try again too. Love your pics xx

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