Need to whip up a cheap plate of eats?…..

28 November 2012 in Cheap and cheerful, Easy to prepare


One of the sponsors of Dinner Divas is Rhodes Food and each contestant received R750 of Rhodes vouchers……in R10 denominations!


So off I went to Checkers, grabbed a selection of their products and marched to the till clutching my wad of barter. The lady looked at the vouchers, looked at me with great suspicion and told me I could use only one voucher at a time!

*Cue camera to me in Spar*  Now Spar seem to stock different Rhodes items, so I loaded up, as-ya-do when it’s for free. Lady at the till looks grimly at vouchers, peers at vouchers some more and declares that I must only buy tomato products…..cos that’s the picture on the voucher!

Pick n Pay were the only supermarket to take the vouchers without a hassle, they even gave me change!

Anyway, here I am trying out some products I have never used, and presented with a tin of curried butter beans I came up with the following…..

Curried butter bean spread

1 tin Rhodes butter beans in curry sauce

Red onion

Fresh tomatoes


Grated carrot

Fresh coriander

Fresh chilies to taste


Empty your tin of butter beans (juice as well) into a blender and buzz until you get it as smooth as you can. Place in a container and put in the fridge to chill, this does not have the consistency of a dip, nor is it a pate, it’s more of a spread.

Chop the ingredients for the sambal and mix, I haven’t given exact amounts here, you be the judge of how much you want.


1.5 cups flour

½ tsp salt

1.5 TBSP oil

Hot water to form a dough

Butter for spreading

Oil for frying

Mix the flour and salt and add oil, using a mixer or your hands mix until it looks like breadcrumbs.

Add the hot water gradually with the motor still running until you get a soft dough.

Roll out on a floured surface until it’s about 25 x 25 cm.

Spread butter over the dough and then roll it up.

Cover with a tea towel or cling and leave for 30 minutes.

Cut off pieces of dough and form into small balls.

Roll out each ball into a thin disc.

Heat a thick bottom pan, smear with a little oil and fry the discs until they look like this.. 


The combination of the spread topped with the sambal in the roti was really good, this is a tasty, economical dish to serve with drinks or to take along when you get asked to bring a plate. The tin of butter beans cost R9.99, rotis are very cheap to make and the sambal/salsa can be a combination of anything you happen to have in your fridge.

Rhodes also gave us these huge chopping boards, it amazed me that I was allowed to take mine onto the flight home as hand luggage, no sharp objects mind….but let the old duck on with a lethal weapon! :)


Disclaimer: I wrote this post of my own volition, I was not remunerated.






22 responses to Need to whip up a cheap plate of eats?…..

  1. Oh Sue–love it love it
    Your rotis are excellent and the curried butter bean spread is a hit, well done. I also used my vouchers at Pick & Pay and had no problems, picked whatever i wanted

  2. Lovely post Sue!

  3. Looks so easy and yummy too,will give it a bash.
    Love rotis,so will try recipe too

  4. Had a good chuckle – and here I thought you had an honest face – clearly Spar employees disagree…
    Never thought of blitzing a tin of beans before – love the combo with the sambal and rotis – scrumity!
    Enjoy working through the rest of your loot.
    :-) Mandy xo

  5. Yip, PnP looked at me suspiously but let me pay for R120 worth of Rhodes with 12 vouchers but it sounds like Spar are a wary bunch. Lovely post Sue! xx

  6. BUT does it taste like the curry has been cooked properly? *rolls eyes at Dinner Diva judge* I am going to try this! *covets chopping board*

  7. Meant to ask, how many rotis did you make?

  8. Thanks! We made them when we did the Kitchenboy In Taiwan Butter Chicken Challenge. I was also amazed at how easy they actually were :)

  9. Lovely post, Sue!! I had the same problem everywhere, but they (even Spar) took my vouchers – I can be very difficult if I don’t get what I want!! ;)

    Aimeé will mail you w.r.t. the question – I can’t rememer how to do it!!

    • I made each and every supermarket take them, made them call the managers…. I too can dig my heels in! :)
      Thanks so much, I will be very grateful.

  10. Glad you got rid of your vouchers, even if the cashiers at Checkers and Spar thought they or you, looked suspect. Obviously not Dinner Divas watchers, or they would have treated you with a bit more respect. :D Those rotis sound really tasty.

    • I haven’t even made a dent in the vouchers so I anticipate more uphill when redeeming them. R750 is a lot of tinned food! :)

  11. Love this Sue! And love your pics too!

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