World Baking Day – Rustic Nut Pie

20 May 2013 in Baking

Not being the most proficient baker I decided I was going to pass on World Baking Day, but being of weak character I allowed myself to be persuaded by my friend Chantelle to join the fun, and I am glad I did. After much perusal of the 100 different recipes number 1 being the easiest and 100 being the most difficult, I decided on a South African recipe by Monique Davis.

Rustic Nut Tart (click to be taken to the recipe)

Instead of walnuts and hazelnuts I used pecans and macadamia nuts, otherwise I stuck to the recipe.  I was very pleased with the resultant tart and we ate it with some homemade vanilla inc cream. Himself and I both agreed that there were too many nuts and when I make it again I will certainly cut down on the amount, the pastry was particularly good, I’ve never used cream in a pastry before.

20 responses to World Baking Day – Rustic Nut Pie

  1. Fantastic pie! Pete would be in heaven, he is a huge nutter – you know what I mean, right?
    Have a lovely week ahead.
    :-) Mandy xo

  2. It looks nice, Sue! I also baked, but I did nr 95, Brownies with orange meringue. I used a tooooo large baking tin, so could not cut the cake (to fill with an orange curd) in half. I put the curd on top and then covered it with the meringue, which I had to brown with a blow torch, but my blow torch was out of gas! So I ended up browning it under the grill and it burnt! :( It did not look very good on pictures, but it tastes great! I will definitely make it again!

  3. Looks amazing. I love nuts. Thanks for the link to all those wondrous baking delights. :)

  4. Wow Sue!! This rustic nut pie looks to die for, what I wouldn’t do for a slice of this with some Tin Roof ice cream on the side…wow! I definitely need to bake this over the weekend! Have a stunning week :) x

  5. Looks divine, I agree with cutting down the nut quantity and cream in the pastry sounds quite interesting.

    • I am definitely trying the pastry again, her recipe called for margerine, I used butter, just a personal preference.

  6. baking not my thing either my friend :-) skipped it as well – so i am really proud of you to take on #89 – i would have started with #1. It looks great x

    • I didn’t find it very hard, I thought some of the lower down cakes were much harder, not sure how they decided on the levels.

  7. Yummy Sue! Well done on taking up the challenge ;) xx

  8. Looks yum although I’m not a big nut fan

  9. I get so frustrated when I have to go to another browser to avoid getting thrown out by your Stop Spammer wotsit!
    That is a squirrel heaven, and maybe I’m a squirrel?
    They look a bit like a seashell collection.

    • I’m so sorry you have such hassles, I have no control over the spammer wotsits I’m afraid. Definately squirrel food and I agree they do look like seashells at first glance.

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