My Cook-Off at The Taste of Durban

31 July 2013 in Taste of Durban

As I mentioned in my last post, I was a winner in a Dstv competition to cook-off against 2 others at The Taste of Durban last Saturday night. Not only that, Himself and I were to stay at The Suncoast Towers for two nights, have free entrance to 3 sessions of the show, enjoy the hospitality at the Dstv tent and be given crowns (the currency at the show) to spend!

The show started on Friday night, the weather was balmy and there was such a good vibe. I participated in the Pick n Pay Canape/Wine pairing.

This was so much fun, the instructing Chef was like an energiser bunny, you really had to concentrate to keep up!

We were very grateful that we had special passes to the Dstv hospitality tent, which was great for taking a break and when Himself got bored, he could park off in front of the big tv and enjoy a free beer, which he maintains tastes so much better! :)

Of course whilst I was enjoying all the different stands and foods, the fact that I had to cook in front of an audience on Saturday night was much on my mind….I tell you doll!


Photo Steve Yelseth/Taste of Durban

That evening we all  met in the  Dstv tent and Justine Drake (editor of Pick n Pay’s Fresh Living magazine) told us what we would be cooking, we were allowed to taste the dish and then we had 45 minutes to google/phone-a-friend to figure out the process.  We would be cooking Prawn Cakes from Freedom Cafe.

Photo from Freedom Cafe Facebook page

I was pretty sure that there was no potato in the Prawn Cakes and when I saw the ingredients I knew I was correct.  We were to be judged on  taste and technique. I opted to lightly cook the fish and the prawns before forming into cakes and frying them until they were brown on both sides. The other two contestants decided to mix the raw ingredients into cakes, it turns out that Freedom Cafe do cook the fish and the prawns first.

The judges were Justine Drake and Lucy Makewicz from Freedom Cafe. Sadly they deemed my cakes to be overcooked and Tozi (next to me) won the trip to Taste of London 2014. I didn’t come away empty handed as I received a R1000.00 Pick n Pay voucher and a bottle of champers that didn’t touch sides let me tell you! :)

I’d like to thank Dstv, Pick n Pay/Fresh Living and Taste of Durban for a fabulous weekend!

26 responses to My Cook-Off at The Taste of Durban

  1. Inge said on 31 July 2013

    Fabulous Sue! Well done on effort!

  2. You know you are a winner already. You look beautiful in the pics.

  3. What an awesome couple of days.
    :-) Mandy xo

  4. You have bigger ummmm guts than I will ever have! ;) There is no way that I could do what you do Sue. Well done to you for a very fine effort. Lovely few days you had courtesy of the sponsors.

  5. Fabulous! Congratulations!
    Pity you missed the trip, but then you know the place already. And the ‘consolation’ is not at all shabby!

  6. It sounds wonderful, Sue and Liked I said before I think the judges were just stupid!

  7. SUCH fun!! Still think you should have won, but what can one do? *decides to boycott the Fresh Living magazine for a few months*

  8. You did so brilliantly Sue! xx

  9. Yiu are still MY favourite!

  10. Well done for getting the technique correct Sue ;)

  11. Oh well done my friend! You were so brave. I’m glad you had a lovely time xx

  12. definitely a winning streak in you, Sue – must have been a fab experience.

  13. Fantastic.. what an amazing opportunity!!

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