Cherry Brandy Brownies

6 February 2014 in Baking, Desserts, Easy to prepare

Hi there……long time no see!

Hopefully my mojo is back to stay cos Himself was bemoaning the fact that the quality of his food has declined since I took my blogging break. Cheek of the man! ;)

These are grown-up brownies, I made them for Christmas Eve and they have quickly become a family favourite. You need to buy yourself some glace cherries or if you’re feeling flush then some maraschino ones. Then you need to soak the cherries in brandy (or spirit of your choice) for at least a week beforehand.


Brandy soaked cherries (see above) as many as you like hic!

180g butter

160g dark chocolate

1 TBS of the liquid from the soaked cherries

175g castor sugar

3 extra large eggs

1 tsp vanilla essence

110g cake flour

1/4 tsp salt

I used this particular chocolate because our local supermarket was selling it at R4 a bar, bargain!  just use as good a quality chocolate as you can.

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees and grease a suitable dish/pan (I used my new Le Creuset baking pan which is 23 x 23 cm and bakes like a dream)

Using a thick bottomed pan, melt the butter and the chocolate over a gentle heat, put aside to cool.

In a large bowl beat the eggs, sugar, vanilla and the cherry liquid until combined.

Add the cooled choc mix to the egg mixture a little at a time, then add the flour and the salt.

Arrange the cherries in your dish, I use 2/3 of them, pour over the brownie mix and put the rest of the cherries on the top.

Bake for 25 minutes


These brownies are really good, they have a nice fudgy texture and the booze soaked fruit is just the cherry on top! :)


16 responses to Cherry Brandy Brownies

  1. What did you do with the left-over cherries?

    I’m trying not to think of leaving my work and making some of these NOW!~

    • Hi Mel, I just add some more cherries to the jar and top up with brandy for the next lot of brownies. The cherries are great in trifle too.

  2. I’m sure Chris would love these. They do look wonderfully fudgy, and very decadent with all that booze, :)

  3. These look so delicious. Will have to try these over the weekend. I always have a bottle of glace cherries soaking in some from of alcohol in the fridge to use in Black Forest Trifle. Wish our local supermarket would sell chocolate so cheaply!

  4. Ooo, boozy cherries in brownies, hmm, I like. R4 for a slab of chocolate – nice!
    Lovely to have you back blogging Sue.
    Have an awesome avie.
    :-) Mandy xo

  5. There she is! :) Lovely recipe Sue, and it looks very festive with the cherries on top, just right for Chinese New Year that we’re smack in the middle of. Hope you’ve been well! xx

  6. So nice to see a post form you, Sue!! R4 for a slab of chocolates? I think I must move to Maritzburg!! Lovely recipe!

    • Thanks Dottie, my local Checkers often have great specials but it’s not worth moving to Pmb for, trust me! :)

  7. Wow long time no see.
    Welcome back,recipe looks delicious

  8. I’m off to Checkers right now!!! can’t wait to make these, Sous.

    Zabwan :)

    • Sadly Checkers don’t have any more, I bought a whole load in December. Will watch out and will give you a shout if they get anymore.

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