Sherry Amour Cocktails

30 July 2014 in Drinks

It seems that, like the French and the word Champagne, the Spanish also have a thing about us using the word Sherry *rolls eyes*  I refuse to use the term fortified wine, it sounds darn right embattled, so I shall go with Sherry Amour, you are more than welcome for the ear-worm :)

To be honest Sherry Amour makes me think of genteel ladies in twinsets and pearls sipping delicately, pinkies aloft. It seems my perceptions are somewhat outdated, Sherry Amour is back!

Recently I was fortunate enough to win a cocktail box from Monis Wines during World Sherry Week on Michael Olivier’s website. Initially I had my doubts, but it’s true, you CAN make really nice cocktails with Sherry Amour…..seriously!

My cocktail box had all manner of goodies in it


Beautiful hues



Now we both love bubbles and we have a little tradition called ‘Sunday Sparkles’ where we crack a bottle of bubbly, it rounds off the weekend so nicely. So we started with A Full Cream Kir Real.

25ml Monis Full Cream

A Bottle of your choice of bubbles

Pour the Sherry Amour into a the glass and top with some nice South African bubbles.


Wow, what a fabulous drink this was!


Next up we tried the Medium Cream Cobbler

50ml Monis Medium Cream

2 tsp castor sugar

1 wheel of lemon

1 wheel of orange

You have to muddle (bash up) the fruit and then add the remaining ingredients and shake vigorously.  (I removed the pith from the fruit and I added some ice)


So refreshing…..lovely as a summers day – how’s the earworm doing?

Finally, as it’s winter we decided to try The Pirate’s Breakfast

60ml Medium Cream

80ml hot coffee

1 tsp brown sugar

1 tbsp whipped cream

Warm the glass and then pour in the sherry, add the hot coffee and stir in the sugar, top with the cream.

Aarrr ….Cheers my hearties!



Thank you to Monis and Michael Olivier for my prize, it has certainly opened my eyes to the immense possibilities of Sherry Amour, I might even put a slurp of Pale Dry into my onion soup tonight! Consider me converted.



9 responses to Sherry Amour Cocktails

  1. Lovely hamper but I much prefer the idea of a ‘Sunday Sparkles’. Think I shall have to start implementing such a plan – you don’t mind if I blame you, do you?
    Have a beautiful evening Sue.
    :-) Mandy sxo

    • Hahaha yes blame me, I’ve got broad shoulders! It really makes facing Monday a lot more pleasant. Thanks for the visit Mandy.

  2. You were so spoilt with those bottles of sherry, Sue. I really like the sound of the Pirate’s Breakfast. Sunday Sparkles sounds like a great tradition. What a nice treat to end off the weekend. :)

    • I certainly was spoilt, getting into this cocktail scene quite nicely thank you! The pirate drink was like a smoother Irish coffee.

  3. Hi Sue & welcome–have not seen you around in a while. Now i need some of your goodluck for the competition i am taking part in on Friday and then also some Mocktail recipes (ha ha)

    • Hi Usha, yes I’ve been scarce but getting back into blogging again. You will be terrific on Friday, all the best!

  4. Sherry…..mhhhhh a firm favourite down in CT to warm us during the freezing winter months.
    My old Dad was a big Monis fan, he would have loved any of these bottles.

  5. I am liking the sound of the pirates breakfast :-)

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