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Himself makes biltong

16 February 2012 in Biltong Making

I have mentioned before that the only reason Himself even knows where the kitchen is located, is because the beers are kept there!

Now-a-days it’s a different story, he received a biltong maker for Christmas and he is obsessed with it. He got quite possessive about his new toy when I experimented drying mango in it, which worked really well btw.

So far he has made 3 batches of biltong, the first using rump and the second with topside, we all preferred the rump so the batch we are eating presently is rump that he managed to find at R59.99 a kilo. Yes the man even sourced his own meat! I have to say he loves his pressie and on the last batch he got adventurous and added peri peri powder to the spice mix from the butcher.

First you have to cut the meat into strips and salt it, then you scrape the salt off and soak in vinegar for 10/15 minutes.

After drying the meat off, you coat it in the spices, thenĀ  place it on cake racks with a container underneath to catch drips overnight in the fridge.

Next it’s into the biltong maker.

Then you spend copious amounts of time staring into the light, glass of wine in hand, pontificating the merits of homemade biltong! Thereafter follows numerous tastings to gauge ‘the doneness’ and woe betide the person who doesn’t ooh and aah in all the right places……we’ve created a monster!

All teasing aside, I have to say the biltong is great and he’s having so much fun with it, at under R300 I think a biltong maker is a great present for a guy, and we all know how hard it is to buy for a man.