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One Bean Salad

2 February 2012 in Easy to prepare, Salads

I’m not enjoying the new American Masterchef, or should we just call it The Gordon Ramsey Show? What a disappointment, non of the finesse of the Australian series, no master classes, no humour, constant *#@*ing bleeps!…..bring back Gary George and Matt! I will watch this series to the end but I won’t bother with it in the future.

I’m still on a mission to cut down on calories and this is a healthier take on the ubiquitous 3 bean salad. Firstly it uses fresh green beans, the baked and butter beans have been ditched and I have replaced the sugar in the dressing¬† with Natreen Diet Liquid Sweetener.¬† This is a method, rather than an exact recipe as it depends on how many people you want to serve.

Green beans – topped, tailed and sliced

Onion – sliced

Green pepper – sliced

Toasted nuts (I used almonds but you can use any nut)

Equal parts of vinegar & sugar (or Natreen Diet Liquid Sweetner as I did, they give measurement instructions on the box)

Salt & pepper

Boil the beans, onions and pepper for about 5 – 10 minutes (I like the beans to be crisp).

Mix the vinegar, sugar and seasoning and pour over the beans whilst still warm.

Chill in the fridge before serving, scatter with toasted nuts.