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In My Mother’s Kitchen – September

18 September 2012 in In My Kitchen, Sous Chef, Sous Chef South Africa

Well here I am in England, the weather is holding, sort of, the sun has shone but the wind has been very cold. I thought it would be fun to do an IMK entry from my mother’s kitchen.

In my mother’s kitchen is….

Now I’m a Bovril girl, on Facebook we have ongoing debates about the merits of both these institutions, I even saw in the supermarket that they have limited edition Gold Marmite and extra strong flavour versions. I would have bought me a limited edition had there been one by Bovril…Oi Bovril catch a wake up!

In my mother’s kitchen are…

Herbs,  British salad cress (one of my favourite things) and what is called living lettuce, you snip off the leaves and add to your more basic lettuce to pretty up your salad.

In my mother’s kitchen is….

I actually did a double-take when I opened the fridge door, who buys this stuff?….well, clearly my mother! After I’d sung a snatch of Monty Python’s Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam…Wonderful Spam song! I hurriedly closed the door and hoped I wouldn’t have to eat it. No such luck, it was served for lunch with salad the next day, I very gingerly tried a piece and it wasn’t bad…smeared with some Branston pickle! You can take the pom out of England…..

In my mother’s kitchen is…

This lovely old brass ships clock that my father poudly stole liberated from somewhere, it keeps very good time.

In my mother’s kitchen is…

My parents live in a rural environment and there are many immigrants from Poland who work the fields, hence the local supermarkets stock quite a lot of products from their country. No idea what mum is going to do with this shredded celeriac and she’s got 2 jars? Any suggestions are welcomed, just don’t tell me it goes well with Spam! :)

In my mother’s kitchen are….

Pears, lots of em, the tree in their garden is loaded and the branches are simply sagging with the abundance.

In my mother’s kitchen are…

These gorgeous olives, which I buy from Lidl every time I visit, 65p a jar is an absolute bargain, wish I could find them in South Africa. I’m on my second jar already!

In my mother’s kitchen is….
















My mum!

Now the final pic is nothing to do with my mother’s kitchen but we visited a little market at the weekend and I was very amused by the sign on the Norfolk Royals……..don’t mess with those spuds!

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In My Kitchen – February

9 February 2012 in In My Kitchen

In my kitchen…..

Is the sweetest fresh baby tomatoes from our garden,  I collect some each day and we’ve been enjoying them with our peppery homegrown rocket in some lovely salads.

Here are my much used, very battered, trusty Le Creuset pans, purchased over 30 years ago together with 2 oval casseroles.  I recall Himself going pale when he realized how much I’d spent, “they will last a lifetime” I countered, and they are still in daily use.

I found this advert in an old Fair Lady cookery supplement that I have from the eighties…..go grab some tissues fellow foodies, this is gonna make you sob!  Shall we all fill in the form and send it off? :)

Also in my kitchen is this very special tray that was a present from my son and daughter-in-law for Christmas, I love it! My little dudes are the most handsome lads on the planet and if I’d known how much fun grandchildren would be, I would have had them first :)

Lastly, and by no means least, I had a lovely surprise the other day when a parcel arrived out-of-the-blue. It contained  proper crab crackers (is that what they are called?) and the goodies to get all the bits out of the claws. I made crab curry a while back and mentioned that one of the best crab curries I’d eaten was at a renowned Indian restaurant, but they didn’t have the correct utensils and I ended up cracking them open with Himself’s Leatherman!

Hence this lovely present from Tandy, thank you so much, I will think of you the next time I happily have crab curry dripping down my chin!

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January – In My Kitchen…..

8 January 2012 in In My Kitchen

In my kitchen is this perfect foodie present that I received from my Secret Santa,  the Secret Santa initiative was organised by Tandy over at Lavender & lime. My gift was carefully wrapped in the white cloth and I am delighted with my goodies, thanks so much to my mystery fellow blogger who lives in Stellenbosch…..*wonders who it is?*

Next up is something I’ve blogged about before, every year when I go over to England I lug home at least 3 large bottles, last time my case was so heavy the wheels wouldn’t turn properly!  Imagine my delight  when I saw Pick n Pay stocking it, at R21.99 for a 150g bottle it is more expensive than our local equivalents but it’s much nicer and as you can see I’m stockpiling.

The final thing I want to tell you about is Himself’s new Biltong* Maker that he got for Christmas. OK, technically it’s not mine, but it is in my kitchen so therefore it qualifies :) Our first batch is drying as I type. It’s better than TV I tells ya, we all stop and stare through the glass window watching progress of the meat…… this space.

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*Biltong is similiar to Beef Jerky and is a national favourite here in South Africa.