Down town in China Town..

May 29, 2013 in Markets

Over the past few weeks I have been doing some research on things to do in Gauteng. I don’t believe that was have explored out beautiful city enough, nor the surrounding areas either. Seeing as I am on a drinking sabbatical (I’m 13 weeks pregnant) I have more time, money and am never hungover. it’s been great to wake up early in the morning and be productive. Although, the last 12 weeks have not been so kind on me. I was not blessed with feeling all fantastic with pooping rainbows and vomiting sunshine. Noooooo, quite the opposite. Anymachoodle, we’re not here to discuss that.

So on the interweb I went and found ‘China Town in Cyrildene”. Never heard  or been there before. So my  other half and I went on a recon. Now China town is not quite a town as it is a street filled with fantastic Asian delights. Now if any of you have ever been to Asia, Thailand specifically, you would notice a massive stench seeping up from the sewers below. Well, the street comes complete with the authenticity of this smell. Not that it bothers you whilst you are in a  restaurant but more of a heads up…

I was so happy to have found such an eclectic mix of Asian vegetables. Not like the ones you get in the large commercial shops. Makes me wonder who their suppliers are? I presume it must be a local farmer based in Johannesburg? Worth looking into. The grocery shops are just like the ones in China. They look like a small cafe from the outside, but the moment you enter, BLAM! It’s like a massive warehouse. They sell everything from Soy sauce to tampons to pig  heads. All right next to each other. It  made me chuckle at how things were sorted. You never know, whilst picking up some water chestnuts, the shampoo on the shelf next to it grabs your eye and you remember you actually need shampoo. Brilliant thinking! Everyone needs a little bit of porn whilst shopping for their wok?  hahaha! On a serious note, their ingredients are legit and cheap. No more paying hundreds of rand for products that are mediocre. The real stuff is there and cheap. I bought myself a hardcore, heavy mofo of a wok… for 70 S.A Rands. I could ramble on more than I already have, but I should cut this. I get so excited when I find gems like this. So exciting!! (watch this space for Chinese and Thai recipes!)


So during our recon we found a Thai restaurant called “Sai Thai”. I am usually quite skeptical about Thai restaurant as most of them have been westernized and taste nothing like the real thing from Thailand. ( I lived in Asia for a year and ate their food for breakfast , lunch, dinner and snacks. Probably why I came back 15kgs heavier than when I left). So it was to my amazement that the food tasted as close to Thailand as I’m ever going to get it. My test is always my fvorite salad – Som Tum (green papaya salad, with tomato, green beans, peanuts and a beautiful mix of salty and sour). I was incredibly happy when it tasted just like I remember it. Best day EVER!!!  I highly recommend this restaurant for Authentic Thai food. As it turns out “Siriporn – Micky, is the owner of the popular Sai Thai Restaurant in Cyrildene on the corners of Derrick Ave. & Marcia Str. in Johannesburg. Her restaurant has received two Dine Awards: Top 10 Everyday Restaurants 2008 and Top 100 Restaurant 2008 from Wine Magazine and Diners club for the exceptional Thai food the restaurant offers.” ~ (Eatout )I did not know this!!




I’ll be blogging about our second week in China Town tomorrow. It was an awesome group excursion and I recommend anyone wanting to do something different for day with your mates. Korean BBQ was the flavor of the day and it was AWESOME!

2 responses to Down town in China Town..

  1. Hi–this China Town is round the corner from where i live in Bruma–& i know exactly what you talking about–everything is so cheap and the fruit and veg is really fresh–their tofu is a steal at just R13-00 for about 500g

  2. Flee said on May 31, 2013

    Oh Wow this sounds fantastic, I have driven through Bruma a few times before but never seen this. Will def go have a lookie when nest in the area… ;-)

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