Chilli Con Carne with Cornbread

February 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

One evening the man and I stumbled across a repeat of Heston Blumenthal’s In Search of Perfection on BBC Lifestyle – this episode was on making the perfect chilli con carne. When the episode started we were very keen on making notes to “make this at home” (I mean, who does that with Heston’s food?) until we realised it would take about 5 hours to cook the shortrib alone…and three days for the completed dish to be assembled! Read about a Brit’s attempt to make it here . It nevertheless inspired us to make a chilli con carne, and of course, with Nigella on my bookshelf I soon found one (this recipe comes from Nigella Express), and cornbread muffins. I was very happy with the result, but have adapted both recipes, my changes are marked with a *. I think it would be a great base to a Mexican feast, if you’re having people over for dinner – add some tortillas, sour cream, mature cheddar, guacamole, and maybe a salsa made with tomato, onion and coriander?

Click here for the recipe

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