MasterChef SA, episode 4: Oh, my koeksuster!

April 10, 2012 in Cooking with Woolies, Woolies Pantry

How proud were you to be South African when you saw those aerial shots of Cape Town and the spectacular Nederburg wine farm?

I know, as a nation, we are somewhat prone to cheesy patriotism, but we definitely had a little ‘high five SA!’ moment on our side of the screen this evening. (And then again when we saw our luscious pantry. Yay, Woolies!)

Not so impressed with the childhood recipes though. Why do so many people think they can make a solid stew in an hour? (Well, both Mmutsi and Lwazi proved they couldn’t.) And I don’t care if Berdina’s ganache tasted great, her tart itself looked seriously underwhelming.

That said, Samantha and her ‘how-on-earth-did-you-do-that-in-an-hour?” plate of Dutch meat croquettes, Hollandaise sauce (not out of a Woolies jar!), tomato sauce (again, NOT out of our squeezy tomato sauce bottle) AND CHIPS was seriously the show-off moment of the night. Closely followed by nerves-of-steel Manisha and her chicken done not one but THREE ways, which included stuffing a chicken leg.

And quirky Jade deconstructed and then reconstructed the avo Ritz to prove that she remains the wild card in this competition. I suspect in more ways than one.

But seriously, Charles? Bangers and mash? We felt you had to go through to the pressure test, dude … but that last minute elimination really made us feel for you. What a horrid surprise!

And how cool was the koeksister/koesister challenge? Yum! (Shame. Poor Fortune. Maybe she should try again after watching our how-to-make-koeksisters video… )

All in all, another cracker episode … and we’re already gearing up for next week.

See you then!

The Pantry Team

PS. ┬áDo check out our Woolies Pantry this week. It’s full of delicious childhood recipes, tips and cooking fabulousness.



2 responses to MasterChef SA, episode 4: Oh, my koeksuster!

  1. Try proofreading articles before publishing them…

    The standard spelling of “koeksisters” among different cultural groups in South Africa does differ, but as far as I know, nobody spells it with a u.

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