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Pizza in a Pan on the Braai Fire

October 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve had a crazy few weeks at work, hence the lack of blogging on my part.  Our department has moved offices, and I am very happy in my new spot.  But deadlines have crept up, and I’ve had to work overtime to meet them, hopefully this will all settle down from next week.

I have also been spring-cleaning at home, and working in my garden.  Our warm weather has arrived and it’s so good to be outside again!  My garden has been full of spring flowers and creatures, wonderful.

Really hate it when life gets in the way of blogging, though!  Laughing

We went to visit my son and daughter-in-law on Wednesday evening, they’ve just moved from a 2nd floor flat to a simplex with a garden, and my little 3 year old grandson is loving his new space.  It’s the first time he’s had a garden to play in.  One of his first games was to fetch his little camp chair and put it outside, then collect sticks and pile them up for an imaginary fire to cook food on for the family!!  Guess braai-ing runs in the genes……

My adorable little grand-daughter, at the age of 8 months, has decided that crawling isn’t really for her and walking is the thing.  She is walking around holding onto all the furniture, standing on her own, and has even taken a step by herself.  She’ll be walking in another few weeks, this tiny, smiley little girl!  Her poor mother will have two toddlers to run after.

So because of my absence and because it’s Friday, and Friday is braai-night, people, here’s an interesting braai recipe for you. 

It’s a way to combine a take-away favourite with cooking outside.  Or if you’re lucky enough to be camping this weekend – get the kids involved in making pizza on the fire.  Without an oven.

Pizzas work remarkably well on the braai, and are fun to make, with everyone pitching in to come up with different combinations, and each pizza being divided and devoured by everyone as it comes off the fire.  Our crowd scoffed them down with delight, and they were some of the nicest pizzas with the crispiest crusts I’ve ever had!

For the recipe and tips on how to cook a pizza on the braai, click on the photos or go to Fired Up Cooking SA.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

22 responses to Pizza in a Pan on the Braai Fire

  1. Your grandchildren sound really cute, Zabwan. I’m sure it won’t be too long before that little boy will be teaching you a thing or two about cooking on the braai. ;) Lovely looking pizza. I could just eat a piece right now. Yum! have a great weekend, and so nice to see you here again. Hugs xx

  2. What a good idea! looks really yum.
    Happy weekend to you Zabs.

  3. Oh definitely doing this!!! Looks yum, and something different from the typical braai!!

  4. Hello AD!!! Thank you for the lovely comment, I of course think my grandbabies are perfect ;)

    Enjoy your trip xxxx

  5. Thank you Hopestar!! I’ve been reading your posts, but still can’t comment on them, so frustrating! Hugs.

  6. Hello and thanks for the visit! Hope you have as much fun making these as we did!

  7. Look at all that cheese! Nomnomnom….I’m definately doing this tomorrow ;o)

  8. Good to see a post from u, Zabwan – mouthwatering looking cheesy pizza. Your grandchildren sound sooo cute. Have a good weekend, Zabwan, am also finishing off spring cleaning and reworking the garden after the wintermath.

  9. You also a cheese addict?? Hope you have fun making these too!!!

  10. Thank you, Mitzi! Isn’t this time of year wonderful…I feel like a new person. Have a lovely weekend :)

  11. I have to try this on our next camping trip!

  12. Your pizza on the braai looks perfectly cheesy and yummy. I think I will attempt on the weber now that summer is in full swing:)

  13. Oh my woooord, these look fantastico!!

  14. wow this looks really really yum!!!

  15. I hope you will try it, H-D – they’re delicious cooked on the fire :)

  16. I believe pizza works really well on the weber – I just don’t like them!! All our braai-ing is done over a plough disk braai! Let me know how your pizzas come out?? :)

  17. Thank you, Caro!!!

  18. Hello!! Thank you :)

  19. OOOOOO, yummy!

  20. Thank you!!!

  21. This does look like fun!!

  22. It really was fun!

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