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Amarula Coconut Ice

November 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

On the KZN Midlands Meander, there is a little Belgian chocolate shop, not far from Howick, which sells amazing chocolates. 

I am not a huge chocolate fan, for me, if chocolate isn’t bitter, dark and wrapped around something like almonds, I’m not interested.  So when we were at this little shop some time ago, I opted for their Amarula Coconut Ice.

That’s right:   AMARULA Coconut Ice.

Amarula Coconut Ice – once I’d come up with my own recipe to make it – is decadently creamy, but with the necessary sugary coconut ice texture, and that unmistakable amarula flavour.  The pale toffee colour is so appealing, too.

Delicious: you have to try this!!!

For the recipe, please go to Fired Up Cooking SA,  or click on the photos. 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone :)

PS: Anybody know why the blocks of bloggers photos and links on the Food24 page has been replaced by a really awful ad – which has nothing to do with food???  :(

20 responses to Amarula Coconut Ice

  1. I would never have thought of Amarula as a flavour for coconut ice! Are the pretty flowers from your garden? No idea why they have replaced the bloggers pics with a boring furniture ad :(

  2. I love anything with Amarula in it! These are tempting!

  3. Me too, Thuli! Give these a try :)

  4. Me neither! It was really good, too. Do you know that little chocolate shop?

  5. I don’t, where about is it?

  6. Just on the other side of Howick, past the Piggley Wiggley stall I think…

  7. The awful ad!! I know, we are in talks about it now to bring back the Inside Food24 block :-)

  8. Oh that’s good news!! Thanks for that Caro :)

  9. Oh, and yes, the flowers are all from my garden :)

  10. I was drooling when I saw the pic – I am not really much of a drinker but I enjoy the creaminess and flavour of Amurla so we always have it at home. As a family we all enjoy coconut ice. Can’t wait to try out this recipe. Thanks for sharing, Zabwan – love u for it. It will be good to see the ads disappear.

  11. Looks really delish, Zabwan. I made some many, many years ago, but decided it wasn’t a good idea. It just gets in your mouth, doesn’t it? ;) Happy weekend to you. Hugs xx

  12. Thank you, Mitzi, honey – I know you’ll just love this recipe! Have a good weekend :)

  13. Not being as figure-conscious as you, AD, I confess I had a little pig-out on this ;)

    Have a lovely weekend!!!

  14. Is it the one called Florentines (I think) one that 1st stretch of road as you get onto the R103 from Howick, heading up towards Piggly Wiggly?

  15. That’s great news – the furniture ad spoils the whole foodie look of the page!

  16. I agree!!

  17. I think so…..??

  18. I do like the sound of this one!!

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