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Feta, Onion and Rosemary Braaibroodjies

December 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was contacted by the food editor of Beeld newspaper a few weeks ago, who wanted to use one of my camp-fire recipes (camp-fire soup, to be exact) for an article on outdoor leisure time.  I was thrilled and said, of course! 

But then the weather warmed up too much for soup, and so I offered to come up with something new for her instead. These lovely savoury bread-rolls, baked straight on the braai-grid, were the result.  They were delicious, served hot and smokey from the fire, with lots of butter.  

For the recipe, please go to Fired Up Cooking SA or click on the photo.  Oh, and they can be baked in the oven too!



I’m still just so horribly busy at work, with deadlines looming faster and scarier each day.  I haven’t really had a chance to find my way around our new blog ‘home’ and even though I have a wordpress site, I have been somewhat lost!!!  But I finally found my dashboard and now I know my way  – oh the relief!!!

Anyway, our holiday is coming up fast, so there will be time for me to cook and bake, and maybe even get to know the new Food24 platform really well! 

I’m missing everyone!!  


12 responses to Feta, Onion and Rosemary Braaibroodjies

  1. How nice to be approached by Beeld :) I am battling to find my way about on WP also.

    • Feeling a bit stupid because I clicked ‘update’ on my first ever post and now it’s just sitting there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Wp is giving me grief too….

      I was pretty amazed to get an email from Karla at Beeld :D thanks, Sous!

  2. Congrats Zab… didn’t the same thing happen with the camping magazine last year? So happy for you!!!!
    Hellooooo… I’m back. Did you miss me? LOL. I missed you.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and special hugs and kissies to your 3 year old and 8mth old angel pies. Lots of love my friend xxx

    • Hello Dinx!! I’ve wondered where you are….I’ve also been missing in action, trying to get back into blogging :)

      I’ve been writing the food articles for the Caravan mags for a year now, thanks!

      Now I’m going off to find out what you’ve been up to, my friend…HUGS! xx

  3. Hey Zabs – hope you had a fabulous Xmas & New Year! Im thumbling my way around wordpress… I dont like it much, cant find anyone!! hehe :) (not much of a community feel either)

    • Hello, Shaz, honey…to you too. I agree about wp – am also battling, but it’s a time problem in my case…. :( Hugs!

  4. Tried this and loved it.

  5. I don’t normally eat much bread but here in France the bagettes are so light!!

    • I LOVE bread, Lisa, but try to avoid it for health reasons. French baguettes are on my dream wishlist….

  6. These look yummy!

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