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Braai Bread: Pecan Caramel Buns & Spinach Feta Rolls

April 12, 2012 in Braai recipes, Bread

Get out your cast iron pots and fire up your braais, people – lets bake some bread on the braai this weekend!

I’ve got a ‘two-in-one’ recipe for you to try – one batch of white bread dough, divided in half and made two ways: Spinach Feta Rolls with one half, and then Pecan Caramel Buns with the other.  Both are seriously delicious, and well worth trying. 


The Spinach Feta Rolls – soft white bread wrapped around savoury spinach, onion and feta cheese – are positively addictive, and the Pecan Caramel Buns – lusciously full of cinnamon and sugar, with a layer of crunchy pecans in a thick caramel sauce – are to die for, YUM!  These recipes will feed four hungry people.

For the recipes, head over to Fired Up Cooking SA or click on the photos.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!!!!!  :)

5 responses to Braai Bread: Pecan Caramel Buns & Spinach Feta Rolls

  1. could eat those right now – fab recipes, Zabwan

  2. Those pecan buns look absolutely fab *wipes keyboard*

    • :D The pecan buns are fabulous, and work just as well cooked in the oven… Have a great weekend, fellow townie – keep warm!

  3. wow! i love your blog! nice one Zabwan! glad I found someone who likes cooking with FIRE! :)

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